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Invite team members

Also applies to friends, family, who ever you want!

With a Team or Company subscription, you can invite extra team members. Go to Settings > Team to invite your coworkers. Each member receives an email with a unique invite link to activate the account. The bookmark/category functionality for each member is alike, the main difference is that only account owners can manage billing/subscription settings, custom branding & domain (if offered in your plan), and invite or remove team members.

It's important to know that adding team members to your account does not automatically share your bookmarks with them. Similarly, you do not get access to their bookmarks. Each account is intended for individual use, based on personal preferences and to protect privacy. If you do want to share your bookmarks or parts of them, you need to change the privacy settings for both the relevant Space(s) and Categories of your Public profile page.

⚠️ Team members fully depend on your subscription. If you cancel, team members will need personal subscription to continue.

For team members: What happens when I leave a team?

When you leave your team, your account will be marked as expired. To regain access to all functionalities, you can start your own subscription to reactivate the account.

For team owners: Who may I invite?

You may invite anyone you like, it doesn't have to be colleagues from work, you can also share invites with friends and family or anyone you know. A fair-use policy applies. What you may not do is resell accounts -- whether for money, services, bartering, public giveaways, contests, etc. -- which will lead to account termination without compensation. In case of doubt, contact us.

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