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Organize Categories into Sub-Collections

When you create your Superdense account, you have all categories and bookmarks on a single page. We call this a Space, and the first Space is called "Home". When clicking ... on the right of "Home" you have a few options:


  • Public - With this toggle you decide if you want this Superdense Space to be publicly accessible. Green means public, grey means private/hidden. If set to Public, the URL will be

  • Change Space - If you have already created multiple spaces, you can click this to select another one. You can also do the same by clicking the Space name (e.g. Home) next to your Username.

  • Add new Space - With this option, you create a new, blank Space. You can create new categories and bookmarks there, or move categories from one Space to another.

  • Space settings - Here you can change the name "Home" to something else, and password protect the Space when it is set to 'Public'.

Adding a new Space

When you have added a new Space, you can switch between Spaces by clicking the Space name:


Move a Category to a different Space

When you mouseover a category, a menu ... is shown. Here you can select to move it to another Space:


Space Settings

When you select Space Settings, you can Edit the Space:


  • Name - Here you can change the name;

  • Sharing - Click the toggle to make your Space Publicly accessible. Once set to Public, you can protect it with a password:


  • Password protect - This Space is accessible for others, but only if they know the password. You can share the password with certain team members, clients, friends, or anyone you like. As long as the password remains the same, they can access the page. Once you change the password to something else, they will need to login again with the new password.

image.pngThis is what you see when you go to a public space that is password protected.

Deleting a Space

The default space - initially named "Home" and marked with a ⭐ - cannot be deleted. All other added Spaces can be removed by selecting Delete [space name] from the menu:


⚠️ Deleting a space also deleted all categories in that Space. Permanently! Handle with care.


Before clicking OK, make sure you really want to delete the Space and all its categories permanently. This cannot be undone.

When the Space has been deleted, you will return to the default/primary/Home space.

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