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Open all links in a category at once (Tab group)

⚠️ This functionality relies on having our browser extension installed. Currently Chrome, Brave, and Edge only. Support for other browsers will follow later.

When the Chrome Extension is installed, you can open all bookmark links in a category with one click. Only with the extension installed, you see a new icon when moving your mouse over the category.


Clicking this icon will open all links in this category in a Tab Group:


Worth mentioning:

  • Speed and performance depends on:

    • your available system resources,

    • the amount of categories you open simultaneously,

    • and the number of bookmarks per category

  • This functionality requires the Chrome Extension to be installed. The extension also works in Brave and Edge. Other browsers are not (yet) supported.

  • The initial release works on only, so not (yet) on the public page.

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