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Add bookmarks with Chrome Extension (beta)

With the Superdense Chrome Extension, you can easily add new bookmarks to your account in a single click.

⚠️ The current release is a beta version. Though it has been tested in various browsers (Chrome and Brave), please let us know if you run into issues with it, by submitting a message via the chat icon in the bottom right corner.

How it works

  1. Install the Superdense Extension in the Chrome Store

  2. "Pin" the extension to make it visible in the browser menu
    Pin the Superdense extension

  3. Click the Superdense extension icon to open the login window

  4. When you are on a page that you want to add to your Superdense account, click the Superdense extension icon to open to select the category you want to save it into - or create a new category - and click Add Bookmark. When saved, a Success message will be shown.

  5. The quick link is now added to your Superdense account. Refresh your Superdense page to show the new icon.


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