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Superdense is created to be a lightweight tool to quickly access those sites and web apps that you access on a daily or weekly basis. It's intended for roughly the 20% of sites that you access 80% of the time.

Can I access it in all my browsers and on all my devices?

Certainly! We use Chrome, Safari, Brave, and Firefox (and also Firefox Developer Edition and sometimes also Opera & Opera GX) on a daily base, on our work laptop, iPhone, and gaming pc. You can login to your Superdense account on all of them, or access your own public profile if you prefer not to be logged in.

Can I import all my current bookmarks?

Yes you can, and export too. Btw, if your bookmarks archive looks a bit like ours, it may hold hundreds or thousands of (expired? 😬) urls, collected over time. That's not what Superdense is for. It's to help you quickly access the sites and tools you access most often, which is more likely in the range of 20-100 than 500+. More bookmarks mean less focus, so we encourage you to be selective here.

Is there a search function?


Can I change the sort order?

Yes, manually with drag and drop. Works for bookmarks and for categories. We don't offer to sort on name or date, as we feel it's important to remember where you placed each bookmark. Just like having a fixed place for your knife and cutting board in the kitchen. If you know where it is, you won't need to reshuffle. 😊

Is it possible to create multiple pages within an account?

Yes, each account has a single 'home' page and you can also add multiple subpages, called Spaces under the same account.

The bookmarks column is a bit narrow. Can I change the width or use multiple columns?

Yes, with columns! Or [geekmode] with CSS.

How can I send feedback, ideas, or bug reports?

Please check the Work in Progress section. 😅

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