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Import bookmarks

Superdense support both CSV and HTML for importing bookmarks. Your file needs to be formatted as follows:

  • CSV - a column heading href and optionally a column title

  • HTML - an export file as generated by your browser, supporting Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Brave. Other browser formats are not tested but may also work. If not, import in one of the mentioned browser first and export from there.

How to import bookmarks

First, select Menu > Settings in the top right dropdown menu.

In settings, select the Data tab.

Here you see options for Import and Export bookmarks.

To import, click in the field "Click to upload an HTML / CSV file". A file selector is shown and you can choose your file to import.


Next click Upload. It will start to check the link for being active and if the favicon can be fetched. When we can't (also, check Limitations on the bottom of this page) the bookmark will not be available to import.


Select any of the bookmarks you want to import and select the desired category for each of them. When you're satisfied, click "Save Selection". The selected bookmarks will be removed from this list and added to the assigned category.

You can click through the list with the Next and Previous buttons. And save any that you like. You can also continue another time, the list will just be here until you click "Delete all".


Some limitations apply to importing bookmarks. This may change over time, and we will take your comments and suggestions into consideration.

  • The maximum number of bookmarks to import is 5,000

  • The maximum file size you can import is 5 MB.

  • Batch selection or "select all" is not possible. As Superdense is a curated bookmarking tool, you need to pick them individually.

  • The default category to import to is the first one in your account. Tip: If you want to reorder imported bookmarks later, create a new "Imported" category in your account and move it to the top of your page. Next, go back to the Data > Import tab and the default category will be the newly created one.

  • You can only select bookmarks that we can access while importing and that return a usable favicon. When we cannot fetch it, the bookmark is greyed out and cannot be selected for import. To overrule this, you can still add it manually to your account.

  • You cannot import multiple files at the same time. If you want to import a new list, you first need to clear the list of "unassigned" bookmarks by pressing Delete all. After that, you can import a file again.

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