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Use Text or Emoji as Bookmark Icons

There are times when you might wanna use text characters or emojis instead of favicons. Especially in these situations, it can be pretty handy:

  • When the bookmark doesn’t have an icon at all,

  • When the bookmark is hard to read,

  • When you have a bunch of bookmarks to the same website and they all have the same icons.


Text or emoji

The text-based options you have are:

  • A single emoji, or

  • 1-3 text characters

💡 Please note that combining text and emoji is not possible.

How to add text or emoji

  1. Click and hold the icon you want to change till the edit modal opens

  2. Change the dropdown value from image to text

  3. The cursor is now in the icon placeholder, and you can start typing: up to three text characters or one emoji.
    To insert emoji from your keyboard:
    Windows: Press Win + .
    Mac: Press Ctrl + Cmd + Space

  4. A background color is mandatory, and you can pick your desired color. Based on the luminosity of the background, the text color will automatically be set to black or white.

Check the video below to see it in action! 🚀

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