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Bigger (or smaller) icons

How to resize the icons

Icon size settings

Go to Settings > Design to change the size of the icons. The default size is 22px, the max size is 32px. A confirmation will be shown when the new size has been saves successfully.

If you want extra options to change the size to go even smaller or bigger (not recommended as the quality may become less) you can use the methods below:

Browser zoom

Superdense is compatible with the native zoom options of your browser, allowing you to resize the icons with simple keyboard shortcuts:

  • For bigger icons: zoom in with CTRL and + or CMD and + (Mac)

  • For small icons: zoom out with CTRL and - or CMD and - (Mac)

For more details, check the docs of Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Browsers are smart enough to remember your zoom settings for the site where you applied it. But it will not automatically zoom in different browsers as well, you need to change settings yourself there too.

Custom CSS

Besides the recommended dropdown option to resize the icons, you can also manipulate them with CSS. To make such changes, apply custom CSS on your Theme settings.

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