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Pricing plans

What pricing plans are available?

We have pricing plans for single-user accounts (Solo) and for multiple users (Team and Company). From an individual user perspective, all plans are mostly alike. The main advantage of the bigger plans is that you manage multiple individual accounts from a single subscription and a single invoice for each payment.

How does it work with multiuser accounts?

With a Team or Company subscription, you can invite extra team members. Go to Settings > Team to invite your coworkers. Each member receives an email with a unique invite link to activate the account. The bookmark/category functionality for each member is alike, the main difference is that only account owners can manage billing/subscription settings, custom branding & domain (if offered in your plan) and invite or remove team members.

As a team member, what happens when I leave the team?

When you leave your team, your account will be marked as expired. To regain access to all functionalities, you can start your own subscription to reactive the account.

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