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Multi-column layout

When you first create your Superdense account, the number of bookmarks is limited, and links all are shown in a single-column layout. Over time, when the number of icons in your bookmark manager grows, you may want to switch to a multi-column layout to prevent scrolling and show more bookmarks above the fold.

Switching from a single column to multi-column

The initial layout looks like this:

multicol-single.pngTo create extra columns, click edit in the bottom right corner.

On the edit page, you will see a subtle border around your column and a + Add Column button:

multicol-edit.pngThe maximum number of columns is 4. Drag and drop categories from one column to another in the order you prefer:


Removing columns
To remove a column, just make sure it does not contain any bookmark categories and save the page.

After pressing save in the bottom right, your page now looks like this:

multicol-multi.pngPublic bookmarks page

As expected, the new layout also applies to your public page:


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