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Manage bookmarks and categories

Add, delete, reorder and more

You can add bookmarks and add categories directly from the main page. Just click the + icon and add the URL (for bookmarks) or name (for categories).

Change bookmarks and categories

Click Edit (bottom right) to move or delete bookmarks and categories.


  • To delete a bookmark: click and select delete bookmark.

  • To move a bookmark: Click and drag the bookmark favicon to a better spot.

  • To change a bookmark, see Edit Bookmarks.


  • To delete a category: click the trash icon before the category name. This deletes the category including all its bookmarks.

  • To move a category: Drag the bars on the right side of the category.

  • To change a category name: Click in the name and make your changes.

⚠️ Once you're happy with your changes, click save in the lower right corner of the page.

Public or private?

Depending on your settings, categories are displayed on your Public profile. You can mark a category as public or private.

Save or cancel your changes

Ready? Click Save to commit or Cancel to discard changes.

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