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Edit a bookmark

Set a custom icon, change the link and mouseover title

If you want to use a custom favicon, you can edit the bookmark to upload your image. You can also change the link, mouseover title, or delete the bookmark.


To edit a bookmark

  1. Go into the page edit mode (right corner edit button)

  2. Click the icon of the bookmark you want to change

  3. Now you can change the link, title, upload a new image, or delete the bookmark.


  • Custom icons apply to your account only. Also when you upload a new icon for your Gmail bookmark, it will only apply to that bookmark.

  • Custom icons are especially handy for sites that can't be reached by our favicon grabber, and thus don't have any icon at all, just a placeholder img. This can be local dev sites like localhost or 192.168.x.x but also sites that block crawlers like strong firewalls. In this case, a custom icon can come in handy.

💡 Tip: If you have a popular public site that we cannot fetch the icon for, you can request us to add it to our database.

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