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How to publish your public page under your own domain (CNAME)

Public pages are published on If you are on the Company plan, you can also use your own domain for this. That way, your public page will be hosted on, for example,

⚠️ Make sure the domain is already registered by you and active before linking it here and that you also have access to the DNS records.


To link your (sub) domain to your public Superdense page, go to Settings > Branding and take the following steps:

  1. Under "Custom domain" add the domain you are going to use.

  2. Click Add Domain

  3. Follow the instruction: "Your domain has not been activated yet, please add a CNAME record to (If you're using cloudflare, do not proxy the record)". This means that if you are the owner of and you want to use for Superdense, you need to create a new CNAME record in your that points to


  4. Once the CNAME record is created, click Click to verify now.

  5. If the DNS record was created correctly, you will see a ✅ green checkmark in a few seconds, indicating that your domain was setup correctly.

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